Colt’s squishy vulnerability is stopping me from delighting in Deathloop’s action

Let’s shot action. Let’s attempt action. Let’s attempt action. This is the Deathloop I remain in at the minute, however I’m gradually starting to believe it deserves breaking the cycle and taking the sneaky technique as typically as I can. I’m puzzled, you see. In a lot of the game’s pre-release teasers, we saw Colt rupturing into action. Stealth? No no, this is more of an FPS. The music flares, opponents pass away, it is carnage.
When I in fact offer action a go in the game, I’m primarily left dead in seconds. Either that, or I meekly duck behind some cover and remorse not attempting the sneaky method. And the issue is that in some cases I have no alternative however to go all weapons blazing, and I believe, “Colt isn’t constructed for this. He’s just a squishy lad.” I simply believe he’s a stealth character being required to break cover when he’s plainly uneasy doing so.
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