Of all the retro Final Dream games, you must absolutely make time for FF4

I pertained to Last Dream IV (or II, if you’re American) quite late in the day. At the time, back in the mists of 1991, it was never ever in fact launched in the UK. I was likewise simply three-years-old then, however that’s besides the point. Rather, we needed to wait another years till it got a correct UK release, where it arrived at the initial PlayStation in2002 Since I was young and ignorant and far too covered up playing Last Dreams VII-IX at that point, it never ever even happened to me to look back down the Roman character line and choose it up. Heck, I even missed its look on the GBA in 2006 – perhaps the last ‘finest’ variation of this early 90 s traditional. It wasn’t up until the 3D Remake got here on the Nintendo DS in 2008 that I lastly stayed up and took notification – a whole 17 years after it initially came out.
Cor, I’m thankful I did, due to the fact that Last Dream IV is still probably one of the finest Last Dream games ever made, and is quickly the finest (or 2nd best, depending on who you ask) of the older retro ones. If there’s one Last Dream game you make time for over the next couple of months, make it FFIV.
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