Stardew Valley Has Sold Over 15 Million Copies

That’s a great deal of turnips.After recently’s news that Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone is presently dealing with a brand-new game, we can’t be the only ones who went to Google to find out simply the number of copies of Stardew Valley he’s offered in overall. On Wikipedia, since the other day, the response was 10 million– however according to the presskit, the real figure is over fifteen million.Granted, that massive portion of cash will not completely wind up in Barone’s pockets– he’ll be splitting it with Chucklefish, the publisher, along with the platforms that the game is offered on (such as Steam and the Nintendo eShop) and a portion of it will be taken as taxes, naturally– however still, that’s rather the amount to money the next game.Read the complete post on
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