V4, Nexon’s cross-platform MMORPG, presents brand-new Reaper class in newest upgrade

Nexon’s newest upgrade for V4, its free-to-play dream MMORPG, presents a brand name brand-new Reaper Class that lets gamers experience exhilarating action-packed fight with lightning quick relocations. As the very first brand-new class given that the game released, the Reaper class is the fastest character yet, and will no doubt include a burst of vigor to every gamer’s gameplay.

V4 is a cross-platform title powered by Unreal Engine 4. Apart from the hero personalization functions, the game likewise boasts spectacular visuals as gamers battle the great battle versus the forces of evil worldwide. In the game’s biggest material upgrade of the year, the scythe-wielding Reaper class will provide a fresh method for gamers to enjoy their fights by means of the Reaper’s increased physical attacks. … [MORE]
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