Trigger Pleasure! lets gamers share the delight of cleaning utilizing the KonMari Approach in a storybook puzzle game, out now on iOS and Android

There’s simply something healing about cleaning out the mess in your life, and now, you can equate that exact same rewarding sensation onto mobile with bestselling author Marie Kondo’s brand-new mobile game. Introducing for both iOS and Android gadgets, the cleaning specialist’s Glow Pleasure! lets gamers clean up and resolve puzzles in a relaxing, pastel-coloured storybook puzzle game.

In Glow Pleasure!, gamers can utilize the KonMari Approach ™ when it pertains to fixing puzzles around them, all while an easy going musical arrangement accompanies them in the background. The world of the game itself is aesthetically sensational, as you go through the journey of a struggling girl triggered by happiness together with Marie Kondo herself. You’ll go on interesting experiences with cute spirit beings called Mononoke, sharing joy and cleanliness with a distinct cast of characters. … [MORE]
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