Tony Hawk Covers The Very Best Tune From His Own Game

When you think about Tony Hawk, who you might have nearly acknowledged at the airport, his numerous games’ extraordinary soundtracks most likely enter your mind. The Birdman is a huge fan of the hard rock consisted of in those early games, and he covered the original’s finest tune with some assistance from his well-known good friends. And no, that tune is not “Superman.” The tune is “No Stogie” by Millencolin, included in the initial Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater in addition to the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 2 remake launched in2020 Hawk himself takes lead singing responsibilities as he skates down the street, with Millencolin diva and bassist Nikola Sarcevic handling background singing responsibilities. Darrin Pfeiffer, previously of Goldfinger and presently visiting with Hard rock Karoake, lags the set, and professional skater Steve Caballero and Mikey Hawdon both share guitar duty.The video itself is modified to look like a computer game, with ratings and ranks increasing throughout the tune. If just it might have been shot in the Storage facility, which is a genuine location, it would have been perfect.Continue Checking out at GameSpot
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