Minecraft Live returns in October

Minecraft Live – designer Mojang’s yearly livestream event of all things Minecraft – returns this year for another parade of block-based news and japery on Saturday, 16 th October.Specifics are rather restricted at the minute – Mojang’s statement does not total up to much beyond a ‘conserve the date’ – however the designer is teasing looks from “brand-new and familiar faces” within the studio and Minecraft neighborhood for “thorough interviews, amazing exposes, a nail-biting vote, and puns galore”. In 2015’s program saw the statement of Minecraft’s enormous Caves & Cliffs upgrade (which has actually given that been divided into 2 more workable advancement pieces), and offered fans the chance to vote on the Minecraft Dungeons or Minecraft Earth mob they wished to see presented to the primary game – with the unique Radiance Squid eventually being the oceanic victor.Read more
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