We have actually played 5 hours of Far Cry 6

Eurogamer’s Far Cry specialist Ian has actually been hectic blasting away at no less than 5 hours’ worth of Far Cry 6. He’s attempted the game’s co-op mode and got appropriately penetrated its story project starring Breaking Bad’s Giancarlo Esposito, and discovered a variety of other fascinating discoveries along the method. Did you understand, for instance, that the game shifts to a third-person view when checking out among its base camps? This lets you invest a little bit of time seeing resistance fighter Dani Rojas, the game’s playable character, who is otherwise just displayed in cut-scenes and unique attacks. Mentioning base camps, Ian has more in the video listed below about Far Cry 6’s venture into base structure mechanics – which appear like they’ll include here for the very first time in a non-spin-off Far Cry game. Learn more
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