Moving Seas is a charming match-3 puzzle where you conserve shipwrecked survivors and develop a town, out now on iOS and Android

Indie game designer Mugshot Games has actually launched Moving Seas, a brand-new Match-3 puzzle title on mobile that lets you rescue survivors of a shipwreck. The brand-new game originates from the designers of Digfender, a free-to-play tower defense game with over 60 levels produced by 2 Australian siblings.

In Moving Seas, gamers will dive into a captivating match-3 puzzle game that jobs them to conserve shipwrecked survivors. These fortunate couple of will then get to reside on a tropical island, and with the land-merging mechanic of the game, gamers can grow that tropical island into a city. On top of the common match-3 gameplay, Moving Seas includes a brand-new measurement of height to the game to keep things spicy. … [MORE]
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