Valve’s Steam Deck Has Much Better Memory Than Initially Suggested

Valve revealed its enthusiastic brand-new portable PC platform, the Steam Deck, recently, with three distinct models with differing technical specs to pick from. One facet of all 3 that was standard, nevertheless, was the quantity of RAM each one will ship with, which now seems a lot much better than at first suspected.In the original technical specifications, Valve noted that the 16 GB of LPDDR5 memory was running in dual-channel, with an expected bandwidth of 5,500 MT/s. The latter figure is still appropriate, however Valve has upgraded the official item page to show that the memory is, in reality, quad-channel, not double, offering up a lot more bandwidth to the APU powering the device.This confirms what some had currently believed when very first presented with the technical specs, considered that the expected bandwidth relative to the APU powering the Steam Deck didn’t seem to add up.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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