Psychonauts 2 Story Trailer Teases Raz’s Household

A brand-new story trailer for Psychonauts 2 has all the psychedelic madcap action you may get out of the long-awaited follow up, in addition to one thing you might not have anticipated: Raz’s surprisingly large family.The trailer discusses that it’s Raz’s first official day as a Psychonaut, and that the company is facing a danger from a long-dormant enemy who might have jeopardized one of your allies. At the same time we see great deals of wild set-pieces and gameplay aspects, like a Raz pencil sketch that comes to life. But near the very end, his household makes an appearance, including seven more Aquatos to the mix.Like the first game, Psychonauts 2 appears to be an innovative mix of puzzle-platforming and Burton-esque landscapes as you delve into the minds of numerous topics to fight their inner devils. In fact, the trailer makes a point of this, as a character narrates that a Psychonaut’s task is to help people, not alter their minds or “repair” them.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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