Pokémon Go levelled up its storytelling at a memorable Go Fest

Pokémon Go managed its big yearly Go Fest event at the weekend with pleasurable gameplay and some outstanding storytelling flourishes. In-game and in the real life, developer Niantic dropped an array of teases for the game’s future, and appeared to nimbly avoid the technical snafus seen in the past when countless individuals have actually logged on to play simultaneously.Go Fest 2021 was seemingly about Meloetta, the Mythical Pokémon said to influence music. The occasion’s first day was invested creating a band of Pokémon animals via a Select Your Own Adventure-style experience which summoned Meloetta to catch at the end.Day 2 of the occasion, on Sunday, was supposedly almost raiding – though Niantic had some other surprises in shop. As the very first day concluded at 6pm regional time, a new Mythical animal suddenly appeared on Pokémon Go’s loading screen. From 2am, the game’s skybox all of a sudden altered to a stellar background, dotted by mysterious animated portals.Read more
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