King’s Bounty 2 is a much better tactical battler than it is an RPG

Throughout my early playthrough of 1C Home entertainment’s upcoming tactical RPG King’s Bounty 2, I couldn’t assist but think about CD Projekt Red’s Witcher 3. Sure, King’s Bounty 2 is an RPG that’s formed by turn-based tangos on hexagonal grids instead of the familiar, third-person experience mould we know and enjoy, however everything from its world and atmosphere to its exploration and dialogue feel very much inspired by Geralt’s high fantasy japes. That, and I’m quite sure the voice star behind Geralt’s smooth discussion, Doug Cockle, has actually also provided his vocal tones to a bloke in King’s Bounty 2, compacting the comparison even further.
Of course, stacking up any RPG versus CD Projekt Red’s juggernaut probably isn’t going to turn out too favourably for the stackee, so maybe the comparison is a little severe, specifically when the bulk of King’s Bounty 2 – its turn-based, tactical battles – is clearly doing something very different to Geralt’s witchering missions. The RPG aspect of King’s Bounty 2 feels a bit doing not have by comparison.
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