The Pegasus Dream Trip is holding an amazing virtual performance to spread positivity, so get your Pen Pineapple Apple Pens ready

As the very first official computer game by the International Paralympic Committee, The Pegasus Dream Trip is ensuring it kicks things off with a bang at the “Avatar GALA Party”. This exciting occasion brings all the glam and shine with Japanese acts Tokyo Gegegay, Pikotaro, Virtual DREAMS COME TO LIFE, and J SOUL BROTHERS III, all of which will be making their special musical debut as their virtual personas within Pegasus City.

Established by JP GAMES Inc., The Pegasus Dream Tour intends to promote social excellent and to spread out a message of positivity through the virtual live concert series inside Pegasus City, with the first musical event happening on July 19 th. In keeping with the collaborative spirit of the social title, both artists and fans alike will gather together in their particular avatars, developing a brand-new opportunity for musical celebrations and an interactive concert that’s as innovative as the game itself. … [MORE]
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