Report: Warner Bros. Thinking About Selling NetherRealm and TT Games

WarnerMedia and all of its gaming studios – Avalanche, Rocksteady, NetherRealm, TT Games, and more – are set to become part of a new company with Discovery. Windows Central’s Jez Cordon speaking in the Xbox 2 podcast claims WarnerMedia may have other strategies for 2 of those studios.
WarnerMedia was thinking about selling Mortal Kombat designer NetherRealm and the developer of the LEGO games TT Games, according to Cordon who check out files. He did say the files did not have a date on them. It is possible they are no longer thinking about selling the studios, while they were months or years back..
Cordon did speculate the reason WarnerMedia would want to offer NetherRealm and TT Games is they no longer suit WarnerMedia’s strategies. The Mortal Kombat movie underperforming might have made the IP less attractive, while TT Games has been developing LEGO games. LEGO is an IP that WarnerMedia does not own..
WarnerMedia is combining with Discovery in a $43 billion merger to form Warner Bros. Discovery, which could make complex things. It might be a priority of WarnerMedia to sell off NetherRealm and TT Games prior to the merger is finished..
As always this need to be treated as a report till a main announcement is made..

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