A3: STILL ALIVE includes Fast Pass system, new PvP mode, and other content in newest update

A3: STILL ALIVE’s newest upgrade brings a “Quick Pass” premium alternative, a brand-new PvP mode, an increased max level cap, and more upgrades to Netmarble’s dark fantasy RPG. Referred to as the Tower of Greed, the brand-new PvP mode lets gamers climb the tower and defend secrets by fighting with both monsters and other gamers.

A3: STILL ALIVE’s enormous upgrade likewise includes brand-new regions like Lesca – The Frozen Fortress City – and the Serrod Ice Cliff Equipment Dungeon, in addition to a new world employer to conquer: the Starving Kudrak. The brand-new Fast-Pass system will assist facilitate primary quests for gamers where levels are automatically adjusted to clear several missions in a jiffy. Reward bundles will appear in gamers’ mail boxes, plus totally free level-ups as much as Chapter19 There will likewise be Blue Diamonds that will support Fast Skip to Chapter22 … [MORE]
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