Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weekend? (July 10th)

What are your weekend gaming plans?Another week, another addition to the Nintendo Switch family. Yes, all of us got a little post-E3 surprise drop (surprise might be a bit generous, to be sincere) in the form of the Change OLED announcement. It elicited a range responses from existing Switch owners and Nintendo fans, although none so passionate as the reaction to PokéGymDad who plays his Switch in the hallway, it appears. Oh, and Donkey Kong turned 40, too. Excellent week.It’s now time to relax a little and discuss our weekend video gaming strategies. A couple of members of the Nintendo Life group have done simply that listed below, so feel free to provide our entries a read and after that participate with your own by means of our remark area. Enjoy!Read the full short article on
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