Are USB-C cables all the same? We compare $9 and $19 Amazon Basics cables

Are all USB-C cables the same? That’s what we wondered when we found two different Amazon Basics models, one priced at about $9, and the other at $19. Is the cheaper USB-C cable just as good, or are we getting something extra with the more expensive one? To complement our related story on how to buy a USB-C cable, we tested the $8.62 Amazon Basics cable as well as the $18.99 upgrade to find out what you get and what you give up. We applied the same rules for the two Amazon Basics cables in charging speed, data transfer speed, and connecting to a display. In the end, we did find reasons why the more expensive cable might be worth it—and a few scenarios where the cheaper cable would be just as good. Keep reading to learn more.To read this article in full, please click here
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