Blackwind is a Sci-Fi Action Platformer, Revealed for Consoles and PC

Publisher Blowfish Studios and War Tech Fighters developer Drakkar Dev have announced science-fiction action platformer, Blackwind, for the Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Change, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC by means of Steam and GOG. It will launch in Q42021
View the expose trailer below:

Here is an overview of the game:
As a human mining nest in the world Medusa-42 fights an invasion by terrifying aliens called the Raknos, a not likely pair of heroes rise to action. James Hawkins, a teenager with no official training, discovers himself in a Battle Frame mecha match. Figured out to press back the Raknos, save the colony, and discover his dad, James– and Blackwind, the Battle Frame’s sentient AI– are thrown into a fight unlike anything Medusa-42 has actually seen prior to.
Suit up and charge into the fray, utilizing melee strikes, varied fire, and effective special attacks to cut through the alien insectoids. Grow Hawkins from a rookie to a seasoned warrior, updating the Battle Frame’s skills across three branching courses. Turn the match into a death device by carrying out energy blade slashes before rushing far from danger and launching rockets at inbound enemies, or use unique powers to finish off any stragglers. Launch your trusty drone to access areas much too little for the Battle Frame’s imposing frame to reach.
Follow James’ journey across the world, progressing through a variety of creative sci-fi areas. March across sand-swept deserts, scale snowy mountains, trek through thick forests, and search secret clinical research centers throughout the campaign as Hawkins and the AI effort to beat the Raknos threat and solve the mystery behind their attack.
Go it alone or with a buddy in regional co-op where one gamer controls the Battle Frame while the other attacks utilizing the Fight Frame’s nimble drone to deal damage. Select from Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty settings for a satisfying experience that’s action-packed and full of alien blood.

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