Sony Announces State Of Play Stream For July 8 Featuring Deathloop And More

Sony has actually simply announced that a new State of Play will air on Thursday, July 8 at 2 PM PT/5 PM ET. Bethesda’s upcoming title, Deathloop, is the primary star here with nine minutes of prolonged gameplay video footage. Cole will use his capabilities to sneak around Blackreef Island or just merely go in weapons blazing with his weapons.The discussion’s overall run time will be about 30 minutes, with an additional take a look at more third-party titles and indies to round it out. Sony also clarified that the display will not include any updates concerning the next God of War game and Horizon Forbidden West, along with any new hardware updates such as the next generation of PlayStation VR.Deathloop is slated for a September 14 launch on PlayStation 5 and PC after being postponed from May21 Sony just recently announced that the next God of War’s release date would be pushed back to sometime in 2022, while PlayStation is still hoping it can still release Horizon Forbidden West this year. According to Bloomberg, the next generation of PlayStation VR need to launch in late 2022.
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