Windows 11 Will Not Have A Blue Screen Of Death, Sort Of

For years there’s been one especially colored screen you never ever want to see appear on your PC; heaven Screen of Death. Microsoft’s popular screen has actually been a familiar indicator for a big problem with your hardware also given that the beginning of the OS, but it’s getting a facelift with Windows11 Or a minimum of its recognizable color is getting altered. With Windows 11 there will no longer be a blue screen accompanying a critical crash, with a new black screen taking its place (through The Verge). This conserves you from needing to keep in mind another acronym and is most likely a result of Microsoft’s shift towards similarly styled screens for start-up and shutdown.Curiously, the color is truly the only aspect of the screen that is changing. The ASCII unfortunate face is still there, as well as the mistake logs and convenient QR code that can assist you diagnose whatever problems you’re having. Microsoft changed to this style with Windows 7, making the mistake dump a little easier on the eye, and hasn’t altered it significantly since.Continue Reading at GameSpot
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