Monster Hunter Rise might just be my perfect Monster Hunter game

Monster Hunter Rise isn’t due to get here on PC up until early next year, however I have actually been playing the Switch version over the recently after getting the game for my birthday – and I really can’t stop. Over the last number of weeks, I’ve been slicing up its oversized lizards with my cherished Double Blades like no one’s business, gutting their scales, pelts, fangs and goodness understands what else to make even more powerful sets of dino pants so I can get back out there and handle ever-larger beasties and make ever more trendy trousers. It’s a familiar rhythm to Beast Hunter games of yore, however there’s something about Increase that’s kept me hooked far longer than my jaunts in previous MonHan games, including PC mega hit Beast Hunter: World. And I think it’s partly down to my brand-new pet good friends, the Palamutes.
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