Sniper Elite VR Releases July 8 for PlayStation VR, SteanVR, and Oculus

Publisher Rebellion and designers Simply add Water and Coatsink announced the virtual reality shooter, Sniper Elite VR, will introduce for the PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation VR, SteamVR, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest on July 8..
” Disobedience, in collaboration with Just Include Water and Coatsink, brings you a brand brand-new addition to our multi-million selling Sniper Elite series,” Disobedience Assistant Head of Style Steve Bristow informed the PlayStation Blog.
” You will experience an effective World War II story through the eyes of an Italian Partisan, rising with your siblings and sis to safeguard your homeland from the fascist forces that threaten to damage your homeland.
” We have actually created Sniper Elite VR from the ground up as a VR exclusive game that retains the credibility that the title is popular for and delivers a new viewpoint on our critically well-known sniping and stealth mechanics.”.
View the release date trailer below:.

Here is a summary of the game:.
One bullet can alter the course of a war …
Southern Italy,1943 Fascist forces inhabit your homeland. Using stealth, authentic weaponry, and your knowledgeable marksmanship as an elite sniper, fight for the Italian Resistance in this thrilling first-person shooter.
HEART-POUNDING GUNPLAY — Grab your rifle, look down the scope and take aim, as practical ballistics and immersive weapon interactions bring an entire brand-new dimension to this extreme sniping simulation.
SPECIAL CAMPAIGN — Handle a new explosive stand-alone project with 18 replayable objectives and hours of thrilling gameplay.
FREE MOVEMENT — Usage stealth and shrewd to distract and outmanoeuvre opponent troops and cars across levels packed with tactical possibilities.
AUTHENTIC WW2 WEAPONS — Experience the firepower of traditionally precise WW2 weaponry, with an armoury of rifles, SMGs, handguns, shotguns, grenades & explosives.
VISCERAL X-RAY KILL-CAM — Witness the terrible result of your shot as Sniper Elite’s signature kill-cam returns, rebuilt for VR.

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