Grindstone on PC is going to be the end of me

Last Christmas, I invested hours and hours playing Capybara Games’ grid-based puzzler Grindstone on my Change, gobbling up level after level of this joyful monster masher like an ignored tub of Cadbury’s Heroes. I ‘d played a teensy bit of it when it first came out on Apple Game in 2019, but it rapidly emerged that this was precisely the type of game I ‘d rather play on a handheld. It was a gamble – back then, Capy had not revealed if it was ever going to pertain to other platforms – however fortunately my persistence settled. When it showed up on Switch last December, I privately hoped it would eventually concern PC, too (if just so I could have an excuse to play it for work), and last week my desire became a reality, with Grindstone getting here on the Impressive Games Store along with its brand-new Fortune Grind upgrade.
When I heard the news, I felt a quiet sense of elation. I enjoyed that more individuals would now lastly have the ability to experience Grindstone’s scrumptious delights of slicing through its crowds of adorable creep monsters in ever-increasing chains of fleshy meat chunks, but part of me’s still quite wedded to the progress I have actually made over on my Switch conserve. Then I learned that Grindstone’s PC release would have, and I estimate, a “extremely innovative and innovative windowed mode”, and guy alive, I think I’ve become addicted to all of it over again.
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