Why did I wait so long to play Undertale?

Have you ever been too intimidated to play a computer game? I think I’m fully grown adequate to say that I have been on numerous events. Normally, it’s with a survival scary title. I’m a sucker for the stories of those games, however an enormous coward when it comes to the real scares. To provide you a concept of how quickly I frighten, I barely made it through Gone Home. I make sure there are many fantastic games and narratives I have actually missed for many years because the expectation of dive terrifies and pure dread intimidated me excessive to actually try.
Undertale was another title that frightened me. Every time I approached the possibility of popping the game into my Switch, I ‘d have individuals providing me a reason not to.
We are long past the point when Undertale was at the center of the video gaming zeitgeist, but at the height of its popularity, some fans on the web took their fixation with it way too far. A cursory Google search of “Undertale fans poisonous” will bring up a wide variety of short articles and videos on the issue. I was warned that I should not discuss the game on Twitter if I wasn’t doing a pacifist run, lest I invoke the wrath of complete strangers with a web connection and way excessive time on their hands.
In hindsight, I should have realized nobody gives a shit about my Twitter account and just done it anyway. As the years passed and the frenzy over the game went away, the itch to play it stayed with me. I made a pact with myself to play the game within the year, and when it was added to Xbox Game Pass back in March, I understood the time had actually come.

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