Oh look, it’s a Change Pro Amazon listing, amidst more rumors of its impending announcement

Change Pro rumors are on overdrive.
I mean … Nintendo rumor mongering is kinda always hyper. With outlets like Bloomberg getting on the train this year, it’s been a little bit more fascinating than simply random Twitter insiders saying “it’s coming” every month and then correctly “anticipating” a first-party game announcement.
In the middle of several reports from the game writing circle that Nintendo plans to reveal the Change Pro soonish (even before E3!), Bloomberg reports that the Change Pro could come “as quickly as September.” The most recent info alleges that the Pro system will really “replace” the initial (with it being “phased out over time”), and that Nintendo means to sell it above the normal $2999 asking cost.
Allegedly, Nintendo has actually protected the semiconductors needed for this huge rollout, and assembly will “begin” in July. Thanks to Twitter account Nintendeal we now have a more active lead, as Amazon Mexico listed a “New Nintendo Switch Pro” model on the website: the listing has considering that been removed.
Nobody understands why Nintendo announces things on the days and random mornings they do: it’s their way. I’ve heard numerous stories of the publisher meaning to expose something at X time, just to move it to Y, which might be the next day or weeks/months away.
It’s very clear that this is an essential, fragile statement, and Nintendo needs to get the messaging right. If Bloomberg is correct and it will “change” the original model, they require to have some sort of FAQ all set to address everyone’s concerns. Exactly when the original will be “phased out over time” is likely part of that messaging.
Nintendeal [Twitter] Thanks John!

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