Citizen Evil Village’s Beneviento house is like the monstrous lovechild of PT and Resi 7

In spite of being a self-professed wimp when it concerns horror games, it takes a fair total up to appropriately rattle me when I’m actually playing them. I tend to get more stressed out than frightened when playing games like Local Evil, and the only time I’ve ever been effectively frightened and really yelled in my seat was when I was playing P.T, Kojima’s brief teaser game on PS4 for the now cancelled Silent Hills. I had the lights on, Matthew by my side, and yet when we turned a corner because creepy, looping passage home, a ghost suddenly hurried us out of no place. Both people shouted in horror at the sight of it, and it took ages for us to calm down and develop the courage to continue.
It’s not like I’ve been going after that feeling in the intervening years (I am, after all, an officially licensed wimp), but playing Homeowner Evil Village’s House Beneviento area today put me right back in that small London flat where we both shouted ourselves silly. It appertains headache fuel that position, and of course I had the excellent insight to play it prior to I will go to bed. Well done, Katharine, bravo.
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