Why Virtua Fighter is chess to other combating game’s chequers

Editor’s note: After an outrageously long hiatus, Sega’s Virtua Fighter is back with the release of Ultimate Face-off on PlayStation this coming week. Suzuki kept the most crucial details to himself and Dead or Alive’s combating system was doomed to an everlasting fourth-tier status listed below Sega and Namco’s 3D fighters, despite sticking to the three-button control required and a rock/paper/scissors structure that appeared to be Virtua Fighter’s key to excellence.It’s clear that Virtua Fighter’s magic was always far more than 8 directions, three buttons and an age-old tripartite rule structure. It’s in the physicality of the designs and the specific dynamics of Suzuki’s Virtua violence – and it’s all really much in the Yu Suzuki mould, where the term ‘Virtua’ has as much to do with innovative virtuosity as it does virtual reality.Read more
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