Relayer Launches Worldwide in 2021 for PS5 and PS4

Distributor Clouded Leopard Home entertainment announced Kadokawa Games’s strategy RPG, Relayer, will introduce worldwide for the PlayStatino 5 and PlayStation 4 in 2021..
Relayer supports English and Japanese narrations, with English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Standard Chinese, and Korean subtitle options.
View a trailer of the game:.

Here is a summary of the game:.
Mankind is not alone in the universe.
In the year 2049, humanity lastly fulfills intelligent life: the Relayers. Around the same time, the discovery of an ancient alien civilization sets the wheels of fate in motion for the Starchildren, people bestowed with distinct powers.
Then, in the year 2051, our story starts one fateful day when 2 young women cross paths in Artemis, a colony situated on the surface area of the Moon. Get ready for an intergalactic adventure where human beings and ancient aliens meet, and our outstanding neighbors come to life!
In the not-too-distant future, humanity has actually extended their sphere of influence to Jupiter, with the moon and Mars currently established as nests. As if in response to the Relayers’ invasion, the Starchildren, human followers to the wills of the stars, awaken.
A Simulation RPG Where You Lead Your Soldiers to Triumph Using Technique and 4 Different Kinds Of Spacecraft!
In Relayer, gamers participate in turn-based fights, where each various system plays its own specific function in battle. There are four different types of Excellent Equipment, or spacecraft managed by a Starchild: Assault, Sniper, Tank, and Scout. Each type’s attack range and weaponry differ, so gamers will be needed to place themselves according to the distinct fight situation.
Players can likewise use various combat methods, such as using “hate” to draw the enemy’s attention, allowing certain allies to act as decoys, and calling upon allies to press the enemy back.
This is the first brand-new simulation RPG for PS5 from the highly acclaimed God Wars development team!
Conquer Difficulties by Customizing Your Character’s Profession!
In Relayer, each character can be appointed to one of the 20 unique task types and over 20 general-purpose tasks in-game. Jobs differentiate your character as a specific, and it can even offer you an advantage in battle! There are over 80 tasks to select from, and every one is distinct.
An Interstellar Adventure with More Than 80 Stages!
In addition to the main situation, Relayer contains 80 phases, including the side story The Asterism’s Voyage, which is unlocked as the story advances. Take pleasure in the episodes that look into the characters’ backgrounds, fix the secret of the birth of the Moon– a sci-fi fan-favorite– and experience the world of Relayer to the fullest!

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