Sega confirms Sonic Colors Ultimate plus a retro Sonic compilation for next year

Sonic’s 30 th anniversary livestream has come and gone, leaving a big blue streak in its wake, and while it wasn’t perhaps the most revelatory of showings, Sega did a minimum of validate the formerly rumoured Sonic Colors remaster and retro Sonic collection – along with offering the tiniest teases of Sonic’s next major game.Starting with the remaster, it’s called Sonic Colors Ultimate and will be heading to PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and PC (solely via the Impressive Games Store) on 7th September this year.As those who have actually played the 2010 initial will know, Sonic Colors transfers the iconic mascot to Dr. Robotnik’s interstellar theme park for a familiar blend of properly high-speed into-the-screen and side-on platforming, with the hedgehog able to gain access to useful brand-new abilities, such as a speed boost or the capability to drill underground, thanks to friendly Wisps.Read more
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