Pigeon dating sim Hatoful Partner to be delisted from iOS, Android, PS Shop in June

Keep in mind bird dating sim Hatoful Partner? It’s hard to forget, to be sincere, but if you have not yet purchased it on iOS, Android or the PlayStation Store then your time is limited, as the game is being delisted from these platforms at the end of May. Manga artist and Hatoful Sweetheart creator Hato Moa revealed the news on her Twitter account earlier this week, explaining that both Hatoful Sweetheart and its seasonal sequel Vacation Star will no longer be buyable on these platforms as “publishing contracts on those platforms are concerning an end”. Those who already purchased the games through these platforms will still have the ability to use them, nevertheless, while the games will remain on sale via Steam. If you missed it the very first time around, well, Hatoful Boyfriend is a visual novel about dating birds that was launched back in2014 I guess you can state it’s been out for aviary very long time. You play as the only human trainee accepted into a school for birds, where you must browse classes and construct relationships with talking birds. It’s all pretty eccentric, but the game earned itself a cult following and critical acclaim for the quality of its character composing. Read more
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