Axiom Verge 2 has been postponed to Q3 2021

The follow up to Axiom Edge is taking a little more time to develop to release. Axiom Brink 2 has actually been pushed back from the very first half of the year to Q32021
The news, through IGN, came along with a sort of make-good for the 2nd hold-up of Axiom Brink 2. Designer Thomas Happ confirmed that the documentary about the making of Axiom Brink, initially included as a special in the Multiverse Edition or a separate purchase on Steam, is being made freely available. You can watch it now on IGN here, and it will be available for free on Steam “quickly.”.

Axiom Verge 2 was originally set for 2020, and now its second delay has pressed the task to Q32021 According to IGN, this 2nd hold-up is so that Happ can avoid burnout and crunch, and likewise says the game will “be better for the additional time.”.
Hopefully the additional time does help out, both for the designer and the game. Axiom Edge 2 is still prepared for Nintendo Change and PC via Impressive Games Shop.

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