Feature: Every Dragon Mission Game Ranked

All the mainline Dragon Quests ranked by you.On 27 th Might 2021, Yuji Horii’s influential RPG Dragon Mission turns35 Launched in the West with the name Dragon Warrior, the Chunsoft-developed very first entry in this genre-defining series debuted on Famicom in Japan before moving to the North American NES three years later, and over the previous three-and-a-half years we have actually enjoyed 10 more mainline games, plus a whole host of spin-offs and side adventures.All but one of the mainline games has been localised for Nintendo consoles in the West– in some cases multiple times– so we decided it was about time to rank all the mainline Dragon Mission games with the assistance of you charming lot. Below you’ll discover our reader-rated list of the Dragon Mission games, ranked from worst to best at the bottom.Read the complete short article on nintendolife.com
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