Sony shuts down speculation surrounding God of War’s TELEVISION and film possibilities

Sony’s computer game residential or commercial properties have actually been steadily developing into movie productions too over the last couple of years. With both motion pictures and TV programs in the works, there are several franchises aiming to hit screens in a various method, but it seems like God of War may not be among them.
In a story from The New York Times detailing the production of Sony’s computer game adaptations, a representative shoots down God of War hopefuls. A Sony representative told The New York Times that, contrary to speculation, one series that is not getting the TV or film treatment– a minimum of not anytime quickly– is God of War.
This does not close the door totally, but it does deter some rumors that have actually been floating around for a little while about Kratos’ silver screen potential customers.

Sony, meanwhile, is still dealing with other productions. The Uncharted movie is slated for Feb. 18, 2022, production on the HBO series adaptation of The Last of Us is underway, and franchises like Ghost of Tsushima and Twisted Metal are getting their own adjustments too.
With Netflix getting deeper into video game series and film like Castlevania and the upcoming Local Evil CG film– along with a reported foray into video gaming in the works– it’s a big time for video games to get their really own adaptation.

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