New Change eShop patent could enable Nintendo to recommend games to each user

Algorithms are all the rage!
If you see the TV program Shark Tank, it’s a buzzword that turns up in almost every online-enabled pitch: “we have actually established distinct algorithms that suggest personalized material for each user.” Naturally, not all of them are created equivalent, and some of them are just marketing opportunities for financiers; or you may have mixed results with your Netflix suggestions. That entire system may be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop soon.
Here’s the full rundown on Patentscope, via a patent just recently filed for “generating implicit scores for computer game utilizing external metadata:”

The system generates a base ranking that is a function of gameplay information for a specific user and other users. An adjustment element is then computed from a typical base rating and external ranking and then applied to the user’s private base ranking to get an implicit score of a video game for the user.”

Well, it’s likely simply going to boil down to “mining data to recommend things for you to purchase” in the end. As Nintendo Life points out, Nintendo files patents constantly for new physical and digital principles, whether they in fact intent on executing them or not.
This is all sort of harmless for now, however do not be surprised if one day you get up to a random update for your Switch and see them happily displayed on the eShop.
United States20210097584[Patentscope via Nintendo Life].

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