DF Direct Weekly takes on The Last of United States PS5, Mass Result, 3080 Ti and GTA5’s AI makeover

It’s the beginning of the working week, which can mean just one thing – the arrival of the latest Digital Foundry Direct, where the team take a break from their different projects to talk tech, share some behind the scenes chatter on their most recent projects, talk about the special stuff happening on the DF Advocate Program and certainly take a whole bunch of questions from those taking part. Membership has its advantages, as they say!On the docket this week, we talk about a story we assisted to break – the 60 fps update for The Last of United States Part 2 for PlayStation 5, talking about the timing, the tech and the parallels with The Last of Us Remastered on PS4, which was Naughty Dog’s newest transition game moving from one generation to the next. One of the titles we talked about there – Amidst Evil – was the subject of a DF Developer stream last Friday, which is well worth checking out for an appearance at a really interesting game plus discussion with the people who made it.We likewise spend some time talking about the increase of device knowing, the most current example of which was a remarkable-looking GTA5 mod, which aims for photo-realism.

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