Charlie Bit My Finger Is Being Taken Offline to End Up Being an NFT

“Charlie Bit My Finger,” one of the most viral YouTube videos of all time, has actually been auctioned off as an NFT (non-fungible token), and will now be taken offline.According to Insider, the household behind the home video offered the original clip as an NFT (an asset that utilizes blockchain technology to enable definitive ownership of digital products) at an auction over the weekend, where the quotes progressively escalated until the auctioneer’s hammer eventually landed on the winning rate of $760,999[ignvideo url=””] The original 55- second clip included Harry and Charlie, two brothers, sat on a chair together as Harry, who was 3 at the time, playfully puts his finger into his sibling’s mouth after Charlie, aged one, got his hand and raised it up to his chops. After biting down, Harry says his well-known line, “Charlie bit me,” while Charlie breaks out into a laugh.

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