Victoria 3 will be Paradox’s next method game, and it’s not mucking about

There is a running joke, every time Paradox Development Studio says it will reveal a new game, and it goes like this: “Vicky 3!” That’s the joke. You see, Paradox preserves a quartet of big, intricate historical strategy series – Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, Victoria, and Hearts Of Iron – which each abut each others’ time periods in an extremely gratifying fashion, so that gamers can experience a full millenium of human history in unbearable, day-by-day detail.
However while Crusader, Europa and Hearts have all had new versions in the last couple of years, their poor idustrial age cousin has actually been languishing given that the release of Victoria 2 in 2010, without even any DLC considering that2013 And needless to state, fans of the series don’t like to let Paradox forget this. Thus the shouts of “Vicky 3!”, which have gotten a growing number of memeified as the odds of Victoria 3 really getting made have diminished. Just now … um … Victoria 3’s coming out?
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