Prison Designer’s Second Opportunities growth brings rehab to the fore

Incarceration sim Prison Architect is turning its ideas from penalty to rehab with arrival of its fifth expansion, 2nd Chances, which will be releasing onto PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Change (while hopefully remaining on its best behaviour) in June.As its name indicates, the focus of Second Opportunities is on effectively integrating inmates back in to society as soon as their sentence is complete – which can be attained by benefiting from various brand-new rehab tools and programmes, each with their own benefits.Successful rehabilitation is a bit of a multi-pronged endeavour, but one considerable element comes in the type of work experience. Second Chances lets players appoint prisoners to different tasks around prison – catering to members of the public in the new bakeshop and restaurant spaces, for instance – with the objective being to give culprits a sense of function and increase their opportunities of getting work as soon as released, in turn reducing their opportunities of reoffending.Read more
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