Poll: What’s The Best Game Young Boy Color Game?

A splash of colo( u) r.The granddaddy of contemporary handheld video gaming, the Game Kid, got an unforeseen shot in the arm in the mid-’90 s when a plot called Pokémon released and offered the aging hardware a brand-new lease of life. The updated Game Kid Pocket hardware might have slimmed down the bulky original DMG-001, but it was the long-awaited arrival of the Game Boy Color in 1998 that lastly provided portable Nintendo gamers an appropriate upgrade from the monochrome original.Fully in reverse compatible with the existing Game Boy library (and able to improve numerous old games with bespoke color combinations), GBC-exclusive games came on clear cartridges that let you glance the board within. In addition, many ‘black cart’ games would also play completely well on the non-colour console, too. The GBC quickly developed its own excellent software library– and we ‘d like your assistance to assemble the top 50 Game Young boy Color games ever.Read the full article on nintendolife.com
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