Empire of Sin’s new Keep it Count expansion adding loan sharks, fixers, and more

Prohibition-era mobster technique game Empire of Sin had a bit of a combined reception at launch last year, however Romero Games has continued to improve the experience with much-needed bug fixes, AI enhancements and more since then. Now, however, the designer states it’s all set to turn its attention back to creating new material, and has revealed a brand-new premium growth, Make It Count, alongside a new complimentary upgrade, known as The Precinct, for all players.Make It Count will, among other things, present new employer Meyer Lansky – AKA the Mob’s Accounting professional, a prominent figure in the real-life American organised crime scene of the period. Lansky signs up with Empire of Sin’s existing 14- strong boss roster and is said to excel at economics and create battle synergy in-game. On the topic of gangsters, Make It Count adds another five, all with the brand-new Fixer profession – utilized to mediate conflict in between gangsters and smooth over fractious relationships. Furthermore, Fixers have brand-new battle abilities concentrated on long-range fire power and location control, and can be used to open the brand-new Shylock racket.Read more
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