Citizen Evil Town’s Mercenaries is way too fussy, however I keep playing anyway

I’ve completely enjoyed my 2.5 playthroughs (and counting) of Homeowner Evil Town. While the main story is a blast to roll through, I’ve been having a much less consistent time with The Mercenaries.
It might be worse. It definitely might be. Capcom could’ve crammed in the throwaway PvP spin-off Re: Verse and stopped. (No joke, I forgot Re: Verse existed till I spotted it in my PS5 library last weekend.) Instead, we likewise have The Mercenaries– even if it does not quite seem like “Mercenaries.”.
I’m uncertain how the rest of you are faring in this score-chasing game onslaught (or if you’ve just scratched the surface area up until now), but I believed I ‘d share my fast take and we might sympathize.
I’ll state this much: as someone who just recently went through all of Citizen Evil 4 again in the lead-up to Town, including making the effort to make those first-class ranks with every character in The Mercenaries to open the Handcannon, this new variation of the mode falls way except its potential. It’s less that it’s structured in a different way– which is great!– and more that it’s just too dang particular for its own excellent.

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