The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes nearly revealed its huge bad danger

After Guy of Medan and specifically Little Hope, which had a div-i-sive ending, I’m curious to see how Supermassive Games frames Home of Ashes– and how the supernatural components will manifest.
The next standalone game in the Dark Pictures Anthology has revealed more of its buried Sumerian temple setting, the “awakened” evil, and the folks we’ll try to keep alive (for a few hours, anyhow).
Today’s video is just a teaser trailer, and Bandai Namco states it will share the gameplay expose on May27 The last teaser, from November 2020, recollected The Descent. We do not understand quite what this underground hazard is, however the animal (?) can see in overall darkness. Creepy experiences await.
Where are you at with The Dark Pictures Anthology? I hope the series keeps opting for a minimum of a couple of more entries, if not the ambitious eight-game run that was suggested originally. We do not get numerous shared-experience “movie night” experience games with this scope, so I’m valuing these cornballs.
If nothing else, I want the Curator to get out of the shadows and his story to truly go all out.

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