Supermassive’s 3rd Dark Photos Anthology horror House of Ashes gets new teaser trailer

We’re 2 games into designer Supermassive’s Dark Pictures Anthology scary series, with a third – entitled Home of Ashes – on the not-too-distant horizon. Supermassive states it’ll be exposing more on this newest instalment next week, but first, there’s a new teaser trailer.House of Ashes, as befits the Dark Pictures anthology format, provides a new standalone story with its own particular take on worry. Gone is the nautical horror of the series’ first outing, Male of Medan, and the time-hopping witch-y horror of last year’s Little Hope, changed by something intending to be a little grittier based on what’s been shown so far.Set in Iraq, 2003, Home of Ashes focuses on a military unit which comes under fire from Iraqi forces in the region of the Zagros mountains.Read more
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