Breath of the Wild treated my media burnout

These days, my psychological health has been on the rocks. There’s a myriad of factors included, the pandemic being the most obvious competitor, and I’m sure the majority of people out there have actually been feeling something comparable..
When the lockdown began last year it was clearly demanding, but my individual silver lining was that I was going to catch up on all of the media I had not otherwise had the time for. Every game, every book, every show became a break when apparently every part of my life — from my work to my relationships to my religious identity — were all taking off.
But after a while though, the impacts of my escapism started to lose their effectiveness. Playing games felt like a task, and at any time I place on a show I discovered my mind wandering back to my stress factors rather. Social network became the only thing that might hold my attention, however the consistent bombardment of details ended up being too much for me..
My anxiety had totally taken over, and the diversions I generally deployed to cheer me up suddenly all blurred into sound in my head. I understood I remained in trouble when I had no interest in viewing Twisted, my comfort movie to end all convenience movies. I was burned out not just on work, but on my preferred media too, and that is not a great feeling.

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