Jank me harder, daddy!!!

[This community blog from Destructoid’s own RiffRaff made me do a double-take, and I had to see what the headline meant. It’s a fun one! Who doesn’t have a story to share about janky video game moments? -Jordan]
Howdy all! Hope all is well.
Initially, I meant this question to be a Qpost, however couldn’t squeeze it into 255 characters correctly so may also break my blogging dry spell.
The previous week I’ve been truly engaged by a game called The Sinking City (I’m playing the Change port). I’m definitely loving it in spite of it being an outright mess of a game. Animations are stilted, the lip-syncing is all over the location, motion and locomotion is wacky, menus are cumbersome, load times are long, the composing varies between engaging to unintended hilarity, and segues into cut-scenes are non-existent.
I’m having fun and I’m immersed into this strange, Lovecraftian world that Frogwares have actually crafted. I genuinely desire to know where the story goes, the side quests are intriguing, and I am intrigued by the characters.
One could say the game is filled with jank? A term used on a regular basis in modern-day gaming yet without any real definition. So it got me wondering.
Is jank always a bad thing? Is it possible for a game to be entirely jank complimentary? Have you ever janked it while PhilKen Sebben watches?
According to the chaps in Oxford, there’s the word Janky, which means of extremely poor or unreliable quality. Well, that doesn’t tell me much. And the good lads on Urban Dictionary say jank or jahnk can actually imply anything yet suggests nothing by itself. Great deal of help there. It’s all something really subjective and contextual. I’m curious of the community’s input on this thrilling topic.

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