Impressive CEO: Sony is the Only Platform Holder that Needs Impressive to Pay Compensation for Crossplay

Court documents from the Epic Games v. Apple case earlier exposed how much Sony was against including cross-platform play to multiplatform games on the PlayStation 4. Once Sony permitted crossplay on the PS4 that need publishers to pay Sony a royalty charge.
Impressive Games CEO Tim Sweeney in statement said that Sony is the only platform holder that needs Impressive Games to play payment for crossplay..
” In specific situations, Epic will need to pay additional profits to Sony,” stated Sweeney. “If somebody were mostly playing on PlayStation, but paying on iPhone then this might activate payment.”.

Epic Games needed to accept pay the royalty charges in order to make it possible for crossplay in Fortnite on the PS4..
Other dripped court files include an internal Xbox evaluation of The Last of Us Part II that was done by the Xbox Portfolio Group and that Dead Island 2 and Saints Row 5 will be special to the Legendary Games Store.

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