These Stardew Valley Junimo keyboard essential caps are fire

Stardew Valley is such an unstoppable force that you most likely know at least someone who has actually played it. And a bargain of those people are exceptionally into the game: a lot so, that they put their enthusiasm into action.
Like many gifted Stardew artists and crafters before them, Reddit user robotmon shared among their latest works: Junimo secret( board) caps. Stardew fans will recognize these little creatures as the mysterious nature spirits that help the gamer character along in their journey, and assist them in the extremely late game by means of Junimo Huts.
They can be found in numerous colors, and nest perfectly right above keys, stating that they’re more decorative than practical: and would work best on lesser-used secrets instead of the center letters on keyboards. It’s remarkable just how much the game’s creator Eric Barone supports the crafting community, which enables stuff like this to thrive on the regular.
If you’re interested beyond a couple of quick “ooos and aaahs,” there’s a video of them in action from the creator here; and they plan on making them readily available in some style, with a link to a future Etsy store on their Instagram.
My enthusiasm job from the past few months – Junimo Keycaps[Reddit]

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