BioWare teases Grey Wardens for Dragon Age 4

Dragon Age fans will know the Grey Wardens well. The warrior group are the stars of Dragon Age: Origins, fighting the terrible darkspawn throughout the fantasy world of Thedas. It’s the Grey Wardens who lead the charge against each Blight, making sure the survival of the world. In Origins, the gamer is initiated into the Grey Wardens through a ritual called the Signing up with, which involves imbibing darkspawn blood. My wife took a fondness to Alistair, a hesitantly brave Grey Warden and … well … you understand. It’s a BioWare game, after all.Onto Dragon Age 4! Or whatever the game winds up being called. BioWare has actually released a new image for the game, and in it teased the appearance of Grey Wardens. Grey Wardens verified! And capes!The image was tweeted by executive manufacturer Christian Dailey.Read more
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