Talking Point: Why Did Nintendo Give Up On Its ‘Timeless Edition’ Concept So Quickly?

Does it really hate making money?We do not exist in a bubble here at Nintendo Life, and there’s numerous a time we have actually glanced over other websites and found a feature that makes us envious we didn’t believe of composing it. One such piece is this excellent RetroBeat function by Mike Minotti over on VentureBeat, which asks one very affordable concern: Hey Nintendo, keep in mind those cool mini-consoles? It’s remarkable to believe that Nintendo announced the NES Classic Edition back in 2016, before the Change had actually made it to market. Our news story covering the announcement was one of the most popular of the whole year, and the console went on to sell a whopping 3.6 million units worldwide before Nintendo pulled it from production. It followed up with the SNES Classic Edition in 2017– which sold 5.28 million– but hasn’t produced any other micro-consoles because then.Read the full post on
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